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Do you have a submission for the next Shining Waters Council newsletter? We want to hear from you! We welcome tips on building & maintaining group health, success stories, upcoming events, and in general, anything that is great for Scouting. Please email your content to the marketing & communications mailbox,

  • 2021-22
  • 2020-21
  • Aug 10 - Welcome Back to Scouting Webinar: New Learning Series Live Today!

    Aug 21 - Weekly Round Up - Shining Waters Council

    Aug 28 - Weekly Round Up - Registration, FAQS, and More

    Sep 5 - Weekly Round Up - Registration Updates, Camping in Ontario, and More!

    Sep 11 - Weekly Round Up - Prepping for Free Trial Registrations

    Sep 19 - Weekly Round Up - Updated Stage 2 Standard, Scouts Coffee Info, and More

    Sep 28 - Weekly Round Up - What's On This Week; Adventures on the Path, and More!

    Oct 9 - Weekly Round Up - Scouts Coffee Deadline Extended and More

    Oct 12 - Thank you Scouters, Youths, and Parents

    Oct 20 - Weekly Round-Up - Duke of Ed Info Session, PAB Portal and More!

    Oct 30 - Weekly Round-Up - Registration Now Open (I swear!), Know-vember ScoutCon and More

    Nov 16 - Weekly Round-Up - Registration Highlights, Knowvemberl and More

    Nov 24 - Weekly Round-Up - Knowvember's Last Week, Safety Plans, and More

    Nov 30 - Weekly Round-Up - Know-vember Ends Tonight; Upcoming Events; and More!

    Dec 10 - Weekly Round-Up - SWC Gives Campaign, ScoutsTracker for GCs, and More!

    Jan 18 - Weekly Round-Up - Great Canadian Adventure, Virtual Resources and More!

    Jan 26 - Weekly Round-Up - Amended! Scout Week, Scout Seeds and More!

    Jan 30 - Weekly Round-Up - Scout Seed Info Session, Virtual Campfire Casting Call and more

    Feb 12 - Weekly Round-Up - Scout Week Casting Call, Senate Speaker Series and More

    Feb 27 - A Message from your Council Key 3

    Mar 3 - Women and Girls in STEM Online Event for Cubs and Scouts

    Mar 9 - Weekly Round-Up - Pandemic Badge Auction, Popcorn, and More!

    Mar 23 - Weekly Round-Up - Spring Recruitment; Popcorn; Badges and More

    Apr 12 - Weekly Round-Up - Great 8 Adventure! Scout Con and More

    Apr 25 - Weekly Round-Up: Great 8 Challenge Ultimate Kit for Scouters

    May 10 - Weeklyish Round-Up - Super Saturday and Beyond!

    May 17 - Weeklyish Round-Up: Great 8 Disaster Masters; ScoutCon this week and More

    May 20 - Weeklyish Round-Up: ScoutCon next week; Call for Youth CVR Nominees; and More

    Jun 11 - Weeklyish Round-Up: ScoutCon next week; Call for Youth CVR Nominees; and More

    Jun 16 - Saturday Spectacular: Survive the Night with Les Stroud and WHO WON the Grand Prize?

    Jun 29 - Weeklyish Round Up for June 30: Modified Stage 3, Fall Calendar, and More!

    Jul 12 - Camp with Us in One of 3 Exciting Ways at Woodland Trails

    Jul 24 - Weeklyish Round Up for July 24th: Summer Shut Down. Save the Dates and More!

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