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The Nova Scotia Council consists of many different groups from Yarmouth to Sydney and everywhere in between. Here you will find the group directory. If there isn't a group in your area and you would you like to learn more around how to start one then please email the Interim Nova Scotia Council Relationship Manager, Justin Dubreuil, for more information.

Group / Position Name Email
1st Aylesford    
  Group Commissioner  Jeff Wagner
1st Kingston    
  Group Commissioner Robert Estey
1st Wolfville    
  Group Commissioner Howard Eaton
2nd Berwick  
  Group Commissioner Liz Chenier
2nd Wilmot   (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Eric Spidle 
3rd Falmouth     
  Group Commissioner Name  
Group / Position Name Email
1st Bridgeport Dominion  
  Group Commissioner    
1st North Sydney   (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner  Name  
1st Port Hawkesbury   (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Name  
1st Sydney    
  Group Commissioner Name  
1st Wesmount-Sydney River (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Name  


Group / Position Name Email
1st Cumberland    
  Group Commissioner  Chad Smith
1st Fenwick    
  Group Commissioner Norm Ruston
1st Parrsboro    
  Group Commissioner Dave Beal
1st Tatamagouche  
  Group Commissioner Betty MacKinnon
2nd Bible Hill  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Shane Keddy
2nd Springhill  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Daren Bradley
2nd Valley   (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Krista Stott-Jones
2nd Wentworth     
  Group Commissioner Maureen Smith
3rd Truro     
  Group Commissioner Jeffrey Cameron


Group / Position Name Email
17th Dartmouth    
  Group Commissioner  Name  
1st Chezzetcook    
  Group Commissioner Darlene Redman
1st Dartmouth    
  Group Commissioner Wilf Laybolt
1st Emergency Scouts  
  Group Commissioner James Williams
1st Lawrencetown  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Name  
P.E.C.  -  Portland Estates & Colby  
  Group Commissioner Natalie Morris
1st Woodlawn     
  Group Commissioner George Mawko
2nd Cole Harbour     
  Group Commissioner Name  
2nd Eastern Passage     
  Group Commissioner Name  
5th  Cole Harbour     
  Group Commissioner Name  
5th  Dartmouth     
  Group Commissioner Ian Hayward
6th  Cole Harbour     
  Group Commissioner Jason Schlegel
Group / Position Name Email
22nd Halifax  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner  Steve Terrio
26th Halifax    
  Group Administrator Robert Bray
36th Halifax    
  Group Commissioner Alex Fettes
44th Halifax     
  Group Commissioner Jim MacLean
Ummah Scouts of Halifax     
  Group Commissioner Haneen Elkhateeb
Group / Position Name Email
1st Bedford    
  Group Commissioner  Paul Henderson
1st Riverlake    
  Group Commissioner Matthew Marshall
1st Sackville    
  Group Commissioner Paul Savoie
2nd Beaver Bank  
  Group Commissioner Matthew Brufatto
4th Sackville    
  Group Commissioner Al Haliday  
6th Sackville    
  Group Commissioner Bob Phillips
Group / Position Name Email
1st Armdale    
  Group Commissioner  Paul Chui
1st Clayton Park    
  Group Commissioner Shannon Wood
1st Five Island Lake    
  Group Commissioner Mike Chisholm
1st Hammonds Plains (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Jennifer Finlay
1st Prospect Road  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Douglas Leblanc
1st Timberlea    
  Group Commissioner Name  
2nd Fairview    
  Group Commissioner Karen Saweczko
3rd Spryfield  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Name  
Group / Position Name Email
1st Enfield    
  Group Commissioner  Name  
1st Gay's River    
  Group Commissioner Name  
1st Lantz    
  Group Commissioner Wanda Grant
1st Uniacke (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Matthew Walsh
Group / Position Name Email
1st Lourdes    
  Group Commissioner  Name  
1st St. Mary's    
  Group Commissioner Sean Ashe
2nd Antigonish  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Kris Hunter
5th Canso  
  Group Commissioner Name  
Group / Position Name Email
2nd Maitland  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner  Name  
3rd Bridgewater    
  Group Registrar Gwen Mosher


Group / Position Name Email
1er Baie Sainte-Marie (Currently Inactive)   
  Group Commissioner  Jocelyne Comeau
2nd Yarmouth  (Currently Inactive)  
  Group Commissioner Name  
3rd Barrington    
  Group Commissioner Name  
4th Yarmouth  
  Group Commissioner Della Saulnier-Boudreau

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