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Around The World In 60 Days - PCC

October 07, 2021

Over the next eight-weeks, Sections will visit eight different countries, develop new skills through fun challenges and support their communities and the planet by leading exciting Scouts for Sustainability activities.

With the help of a symbolic transporting compass, imagine that your Scout Group can ping around the globe to different destinations quickly. In each country you’ll be faced with a challenge or a fun activity to champion as a Section. Once completed, your Section can collect a crest for that week and eventually curate the full composite crest!

Each week, Scouts will acquire a “GADGET” in pursuing their adventures; these items will be used in the activity for Week 8: Contraption Action, so make sure that you hold on to your GADGETS!

Thanks to the global movement that connects Scouts Canada to World Scouting, youth will enjoy weekly featured videos from each of the eight participating National Scout Organizations (NSO).

Get ready for an adventure-filled, fun eight weeks that will connect youth with Scouts from around the world, and will also help Sections leave a lasting and positive impact through our Scouts for Sustainability developmental outcomes.

Week One Challenge - Makin' Waves

As your Section embarks on adventures to get Around the World in 60 Days, you will be able to see first-hand how easily activities can connect and further the impact of various SDGs.

If youth are interested in exploring certain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or topics more, dive into the dozens of activities in the Activity Finder to continue building connections in your program.

As individuals, it can feel impossible to change the world. Good thing that no Scout acts alone! We are part of a global movement that includes all of Scouts Canada’s members, along with National Scout Organizations across the world! Together, we are all working toward bettering the planet we share.

Are you ready to rove around the world with Scouts Canada? Get ready, you’re in for a 60-day adventure that will take you across the globe! Ping to different destinations quickly using this transporting compass. Hold on tight, here we go!

It’s your first time using the transporting compass. While you were aiming for Argentina, you somehow find yourself in Queensland, Australia! Thankfully, you’re near one of the best places on the planet for studying marine life—the Great Barrier Reef.

We depend on oceans, rivers and lakes every day for transportation, food and enjoyment. Oceans are important for regulating the planet’s temperature, but they are suffering from overfishing and plastic pollution. What can we do to help our waterways?

You might already be doing some great Goal #14 Life Below Water activities with your Section like pond dips, shoreline cleanups or finding ways to use less plastic. How will you get to the Great Barrier Reef to further explore Life Below Water, and put sustainable methods of water transportation into play?

Build a raft or boat and sail into the Coral Sea to explore the rich biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef! Bring your GADGET (Rope) with you on the boat—it’ll come in handy on your adventures later on.

Week 2 Challenge - Break The Ice

Great news! The transporting compass worked like a charm this time and you’ve successfully reached the Patagonia region of Argentina. After building a boat in Australia and exploring the Great Barrier Reef, you’ve worked up an appetite and aren’t used to the colder weather here. Nighttime is near—you need to get your camp stove going to make dinner and keep warm.

Oh no! Looks like your GADGET (Matches) fell out of your pack while hiking the Perito Moreno Glacier earlier and they’re frozen in a block of ice! How will you rope in Argentinian Scouts to help you learn about glacial melt and the impact of climate change so that you can retrieve your matches and light the camp stove?

This week let’s think about Goal #13: Climate Action, and how our actions contribute to glacial melts around the planet. How do our actions and lifestyles impact the climate and health of ice? What are the effects of ice and glaciers melting? More importantly, what actions can we take to learn more about protecting the climate and reduce our impact?

As a Section, you might already be taking some steps towards Goal #13: Climate Action, like learning about the outcomes of climate change or making changes to your daily habits to reduce your mark on the planet. Put what you’ve learned into play!

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