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COVID-19 Updates — September 23, 2022 Update: Explore Scouts Canada’s actions as we continue to follow the direction of government and health agencies in maintaining public health. View recommendations and stay informed here.

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Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Camp

Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Camp is located approximately 65km north-west of Prince Albert in the Great Blue Heron Provincial Park. It is an incredibly beautiful camp set in the amazing northern boreal forest.  It is situated on the lake. This camp is staffed by the Saskatchewan Service Corps  otherwise known as "the Corps".  There is no limit to the adventures you can have in this phenomenol setting. Programming is provided based on your interests.  You come self contained for gear & food.  This camp has been in operation since the early 1960's and has always been youth-led.  We invite you to come and experience!

 Anglin Lake On-line Booking

Scouts Canada has set-up On-line booking for all of their properties.    Always available on their website - on the "Camps" page - scroll down until you find  us!  It's had some glitches -- so shoot us an an email first to express your interest and we'll help you navigate through the booking procedures.


Each year we are open on weekends in May & June and 7 days/week in July.  August is usually reserved for staff adventures and training, however we are often able to accommodate if the interest is there! For the 2022 season, dates will be as listed below.  Please note that pre-booking is required.

  • May 20 - 23
  • May 27 - 29
  • June 3-5
  • Jun 10-12
  • Jun 17-19 
  • June 30-July 3 - reserved for Scouters
  • July 3-31 - open all month
  • July 31 - August 7 - closed for staff training
  • August 7 - 21 - we are normally closed to give our youth staff volunteers time with their families and their own venturer/rover adventures - but reach out and ask if this is the only time that works for you and we will see if what we can do
  • Winter - Contact us & ask - we'll see what we can do. In addition, The Corps can be available to instruct/leaad at camps elsewhere in the province. For more details on booking and camp services, please contact the Service Corps advisor Randy Abrahamson at

2022 Events:

  • June 30 - July 3 -  Scouter Camp - This is a Scouting event hosted by the Saskatchewan Service Corps.  It is our way of thanking you for your service.  Camp is open for you, and your family.
  • July - dates to be determined - Ke'nu Raft Up - (Scouts) - Paddling Skills - Lakewater
  • July - Cub Composite Camp - Dates to be determined
  • July - Scout Composite Camp - Dates to be determined
  • July 31 - August 7 - Service Corps Staff Recruitment Camp
  • Sept 30-Oct 2nd - 7th Annual Fall Camp (Scouts & 3rd Year Cubs) - Details to come


** Scouts Canada has required us to change our fee structure to fit their on-line reservation system.  We have tried to keep the cost the same as it has been for the past several years.  Please bear with us as we work through the kinks.


For Scouts Canada members/groups:

  • Tiny Group (4) - $50.00 / night
  • Small Group (7) - $87.20 / night
  • Medium Group (16) - $200 / night
  • Large Group (32) = $400 / night

When booking, use a combination of sizes to accommodate the number of people in your party. You can book more than one "group" into a site.  So for example, if you have 48 people - book a medium & large group in the same site. If you have any questions - please call Lana @ 306-441-5262.  


There are many amenities included in your camping fees.  We provide potable water, firewood, customized programming based on what your youth want, and unlimited support for your groups. We are a full service camp!  We have program equipment for you to utilize!

Program Options:

 The program that we offer is varied and is custom built around your groups interests and skill levels.  Our volunteer staff are highly trained in outdoor living - this is what they do.  They live in tents. They build fires in the rain, cook for themselves, live in the elements and amongst all nature's creatures. All are Scouts Canada "Scouters" with Woodbadge training!  Most of these youth have grown up in Scouting and are eager to share their love of everything outdoors with others.  Sessions that we currently offer are:

  •  Axe, knife and saw (OAS Camping Skills/Scoutcraft Skills)
  • Firelighting (OAS Camping Skills)

  • Slingshots

  • Basic first aid skills (OAS Emergency Skills)

  • Canoeing and T-rescue (OAS Paddling Skills)

  • Over 15km of hiking trails (OAS Trail Skills)

  • Nature lore

  • Knots and lashing (OAS Scoutcraft Skills)

  • Orienteering (OAS Scoutcraft Skills)

  • Pioneering (OAS Scoutcraft)

  • Shelter building (OAS Camping Skills/Scoutcraft Skills)

  • Formal campfire

  • Wide Games (flags, snipes, etc)

  • Emergency Preparedness (OAS Emergency Skills)

  • Packing for various types of camp(hiking, canoeing, lightweight, and survival) (OAS Camping Skills)

Whether you are looking for an adventure to fit one of the 6 program areas of the Canadian Path or looking to further your Outdoor Adventure Skills, we can build a program for you!


  • Nightly garbage pick-up

  • Fully flushable latrines (cleaned daily)

  • Regularly maintained campsites

  • Extensive hiking trails

  • Four off-site camps (perfect for day trips and small canoe trips)

  • Available drinking water

  • Running water throughout camp (for dishes only)

  • Swimming and canoeing beaches (complete with swim dock)

  • A northern Boreal experience

  • Lakeside (Great fishing)

  • A completely stocked first-aid station (Corps members are trained in Standard first aid, Wilderness First Aid, and CPR A/C)

  • A welcoming group of young individuals ready to service your every need

Contact Us

Our Email is:

Do you love the outdoors?  Are you looking for challenging adventure? Consider joining us!

Staff at Anglin Lake must be current members of Scouts Canada, have at least one year of Scout experience and be recommended by their Troop Scouter.  Then they attend a training/recruitment camp held in August of each year.  So, if you are a youth aged 12-14, currently registered in scouting and are interested in joining the Saskatchewan Service Corps, click here to be directed to the Sask. Service Corps page.