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Vaccination Exemption Process

Scouts Canada requires that all eligible youth, volunteers and parent helpers; this includes all youth 12 and over (or who are turning 12 in 2021) attending Scouting activities, events or properties (owned or leased) be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have a valid exemption. All eligible youth, volunteers and parent helpers who do not meet the need for an exemption will not be able to attend activities, events or properties (owned or leased) in-person.

Exemptions will only be considered for medical grounds or religion/creed.

In keeping with our current efforts, we will continue to do everything we can to continue Scouting in a safe and responsible manner. 

Step by Step Secure Exemption Request Process

  1. Individuals who cannot be fully vaccinated due to medical or religious/creed beliefs seeking an exemption must download and complete the appropriate form applying to their circumstance. An exemption form must be completed for each applicant.
    1. Scouts Canada Vaccination Exception — Medical
    2. Scouts Canada Vaccination Exception — Religious/Creed
  2. To apply for an exemption — applicants must email Applicants will then receive an automatic reply with a link to the exemption forms and instructions on how to upload their exemption request via a secure link. Please note: 
    1. Exemption requests that do not complete all applicable fields will be rejected; applicant will be notified.
    2. Forms must be submitted within 31 days of completion by the healthcare provider or faith group/religious leader.
  3. Exemption forms will be reviewed to ensure all fields have been completed.
    1. Should any follow up be needed Scouts Canada may request additional details as appropriate.
  4. Once approved, the applicant’s MyScouts profile will be updated to reflect the exemption and member readiness.
  5. Application forms will be destroyed after the application is approved and updated in MyScouts.
  6. Applicants will be notified when the application has been processed and destroyed.