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Personal Achievement Badges – Beavers

Personal Achievement badges are a way to try something new or learn more about something you already know. In Beavers, we learn all about the Pond framework within the Canadian Path program, and the many friends that help us on our journey. As we work on our adventures, we collect badges, and there are 16 different badges for you to work towards with your imagination as the only limit!

Which badge will you pick to plan your adventures? Let's meet our Pond friends and learn about the badges!

Earning a Personal Achievement Badge might seem hard, but it's really just a few steps!

  1. Pick your badge - there are 16 for you to choose from!
  2. Plan your adventures - big, small, or somewhere in the middle. With help from a parent, Scouter or older youth, plan three adventures related to your badge.
  3. Have fun on your adventures!
  4. Review your adventures with your parent, Scouter or Lodge. What was your favourite part? What would you change for your next adventure?
  5. Present your badge work to your Scouter. Share what you have done and what you have learned!
  • Do you need an adult's help for your adventure?
    • It's okay if you need some help from an adult for your adventure! This might mean that you're trying something new and you're taking steps to stay safe. If you need an adult to do a lot of the work for you, then your adventure might be a little too much of a challenge. Consider trying something that you feel comfortable taking on.
  • Will you learn or try something new?
    • Your adventure should teach you something new or help you get better at something you can already do. Is there a PAB that you don't know anything about yet?
  • How long will your adventure take?
    • Adventures might range from days, weeks or months depending on what you want to learn! If your adventure is going to take a whole year of work, you might want to think about saving your adventure for when you work on your North Star Award instead.
  • Will you have fun doing this adventure?
    • This is the most important step! Have fun doing your PAB adventures. If you don't think a PAB offers a journey that you will enjoy, take time to think about another option that you would prefer.