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Concussion First Aid

Learn what a concussion looks like and what you should do if you believe someone you are with has suffered a concussion.

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  • What resources will you use to learn about the signs and symptoms of a concussion?
  • What props might you use to help your role playing?
  • Memory loss is a major sign of a concussion. What are some questions you could ask someone to see if he or she has forgotten things?


  • In pairs or small groups, have one person take on the role of the injured person and the rest of the group take on roles as first aiders and bystanders.
  • Have your injured person act as though they have just hurt themselves—let them decide whether they will show signs and symptoms of a concussion.
  • Take the appropriate steps to determine what steps should be taken to help.


  • If you suspected that someone had a concussion, how did you react?
  • What else might be a symptom of a concussion that has not already been discussed?
  • What are some things you could do to help prevent a concussion?
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Keep it Simple

  • Write down some signs and symptoms of concussions and have your injured role-player draw a few of these from a hat.

Take it Further

  • Imagine a scenario where your group might not be able to get someone with a concussion to a doctor immediately. What would you do?