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Career Bingo

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question we have all heard many times. This activity will help you get excited and curious about the many different types of jobs and careers that exist!

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  • Do we have enough BINGO sheets for each person 
  • Have we had the opportunity to discuss various jobs/careers before we begin the game? 
  • Would it be beneficial to have guests share their jobs/careers before we begin?  


  • Using the BINGO board, you will try to fill in as many spaces as you can to score BINGO!  
  • These questions allow everyone to think critically about different careers and encourage you to learn about different jobs 
  • To play, simply fill in as many spots as you can to complete a straight line, otherwise known as a BINGO!  
  • There will be opportunity to share your answers once BINGO has been achieved.  
  • If time allows, try to fill in 4 corners, or even the entire playing card! 


  • Were there any BINGO slots that you could not answer?  
  • Did any jobs or careers surprise you? 
  • Do any of these jobs excite you, or would you want any of them? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


BINGO Playing Cards (Attached)  

Writing utensils 

Potentially invite guests 

Keep it Simple

  • Have everyone draw pictures instead of using words or sentences in the BINGO boxes. This may work well for younger Sections that are learning to read but have not mastered writing yet.  
  • For Virtual- This activity could be easily transformed to a virtual platform. Ensure each participant has the BINGO playing card ahead of the meeting. During the virtual meeting, explain the premise of the game. Everyone can work independently until a BINGO is called out. Inviting guests online is also a possibility.  

Take it Further