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Swedish Fire Log

Learn how to make a Swedish Fire Log, sometimes called a Swedish Torch or a Canadian Candle, to cook your next delicious meal. This cooking method is great when dealing with wet or snowy grounds!

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  • What materials do you need for activity?
  • What will you cook on your Swedish Fire Log?
  • How will you stay safe in this activity?


  • The great part about a Swedish Fire Log is that all you need for your fire is one, single log (or a few smaller pieces of wood to assemble as one log)
  • Gather a dry, large log of wood. Dry is key to making your Swedish Fire Log a success!
  • To make your Swedish Fire Log, you can either: assemble smaller pieces of precut wood or, with support from a Scouter, you can cut a whole log into quarters or sixths.
  • From here, tie the pieces together with a metal hanger or baling wire. It’s OK if it doesn’t resemble a perfect log!
  • Fill the cervices and top of your Swedish Fire Log with kindling (smaller, dry sticks) and tinder (birch bark, dry grass, newspaper, etc.) and light it with a match.
  • The larger log should catch fire and leave you with your lit Swedish Fire Log – along with a great flat surface for cooking your delicious meal.


  • What was the most difficult part of this activity?
  • Was it easy or hard get your Swedish Fire Log lit?
  • What meal did you cook? And how did you cook it?


  • Dry wood – large log, or smaller wood pieces to be assembled into a log
  • Matches
  • Fire pit
  • Cooking materials – i.e., Dutch Oven, cast-iron skillet

Keep it Simple

  • Keep it simple by practicing your Dutch Oven Chef skills first! Master cooking with a Dutch Oven over hot coals or embers first before moving to this cooking method.

Take it Further

  • Can your Section get more than one Swedish Fire Log going at once? Cook your eggs, bacon, and maybe some tasty Dutch Oven cinnamon rolls all at once. This way, it’s almost like having more than one burner going on a stove to cook your meal more efficiently and put your skills to the test!