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YLT-Simon Says

Take turns leading the rest of your Section in a game of Simon Says. Make sure you listen closely to what Simon says and don’t get tricked!

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  • When and where will you play this game? In your meeting area? Outside?  
  • You can make this game a bit harder by playing with something more than just your bodies. Everyone will need to have the same thing to do what Simon says. What might you play with? Balls? Skipping ropes? Hula hoops? 


  • Take turns being Simon and leading the group.  
  • The Beaver leading the game is Simon. When he or she says “Simon Says” and then says an action for the others to do, everyone has to do the action. Simon should do the action, too. But if the Simon says an action but does not say “Simon Says” first, the other Beavers should not do the action. 
  • If the Beavers who are following are tricked by Simon, they are “out” and can help spot other Beavers as they get fooled. 
  • Pay close attention when following Simon’s instructions and do things a fun new way when it is your turn to be Simon. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What did you do to make sure you did things the same way as Simon?  
  • How did you do things differently when it was your turn to be Simon?  
  • What happened if someone disagreed with Simon? How can you handle this next time you play a game?  
  • Why is it so important to listen carefully to what someone is saying? 
  • What would you change next time? 


Make sure to give clear instructions – say “Simon says: touch your head” rather than “Simon says do this.” That way, everyone knows what the action is! 

Keep it Simple

Make sure to give clear instructions – say “Simon says: touch your head” rather than “Simon says do this.” That way, everyone knows what the action is! 

Take it Further

Play a game of follow the leader If you play both games, what are some things that were the same about the two games? Did you use any of the same skills for both games?