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Scouts Canada Procedures

Table of Contents

Asset Management
Annual Property Standards Procedure
Group Equipment and Property Insurance Procedure
Third Party Use of Scouts Canada Property Procedure
Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Scouts Canada Logo and Intellectual Property Procedure
Goals, Targets and Planning
Certificate of Insurance Procedure
Contracts Procedure
Gifts-in-Kind Procedure
Group Financial Responsibilities and Reporting Procedure
Official Donations Receipt for Groups Procedure
Group Operations
Closing a Scout Group Procedure
Incident Management
Complaint Procedure
Incident Reporting Procedure
Management, Leadership, Commitment and Accountability
Public Appointment Procedure
Managing Risk
Certificate of Insurance Procedure
Group Safety Leadership Guideline
Legal Claims Procedure
Non-member Individual Hold Harmless Agreement Procedure
Risk Management Guideline
Third Party Waivers, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements Procedure
Discipline and Performance Management Procedure
Member Disclosure Protection (Whistleblower) Procedure
Police Record Check Exception Procedure
Registration Refund Procedure
Supporting a Member Under Suspension Procedure
Temporary Suspension and Termination Procedure
Transfer a Rover Scout or Scouter Procedure
Transfer a Youth Participant Procedure
Volunteer Screening Procedure
Workplace Anti-Harassment and Violence Prevention Procedure
Scouting Values
Accessible Customer Service Procedure
Alcohol Exception Procedure
Conflict of Interest Procedure
Member Accommodation Procedure
No One Left Behind (NOLB) Participation Subsidy Procedure
Preventing and Responding to Bullying and Harassment Procedure
Structure, Responsibility and Authority
Election of Voting Representatives Procedure
Event Assessment & Approval Procedure
Group Membership Conditions Procedure
Youth Protection
Youth Protection Reporting Procedure