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Scouts Canada Logo and Intellectual Property Procedure


Scouts Canada’s brand is so much more than our name, logo, and design. It is every bit of communication we generate: every visual cue, every written message, and the tone we use. Our brand is what comes to mind when people hear the words “Scouts Canada.”

We will help our members and vendors use the official Scouts Canada logo and other intellectual property so it is consistent with our brand promise.


Our Procedure

1.      The Scouts Canada Brand Centre provides our members with resources to advertise Scouting to the community.

2.     Members purchasing merchandise for resale to the public will follow the Group Financial Responsibilities and Reporting Procedure.

3.     Companies or individuals who wish to use the Scouts Canada logo or other intellectual property in advertising, whether published or digital, must submit their request in writing to Both the proposed text and visual materials need to be submitted with the request.

4.     When a Company, individual, or member of Scouts Canada wishes to sell merchandise using the Scouts Canada logo or other intellectual property, they shall submit a written proposal, including a sample of the product, to .

5.     All licence agreements shall be reviewed by Scouts Canada’s legal counsel.

6.     Licence agreements shall state the terms and conditions required by Scouts Canada for use of the Scouts Canada logo or other intellectual property. Financial consideration from such agreements is not considered a charitable donation.

7.     Scouts Canada will require indemnification from the company or individual along with proof of insurance naming Scouts Canada as an additional insured on their liability insurance policy.

8.     Any unauthorized use of the Scouts Canada logo or other intellectual property constitutes a breach of trademark rights and we will take whatever action is necessary to correct such a violation.

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Effective Date

March 2, 2019

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