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Events Management Playbook

Camporees, Jamborees and Moots.  These are the events that brings Scouts together and give youth the chance to meet others and learn about the world of Scouting.

Large-scale events such as these require planning, lots of planning. An event is much more than a large camp and must be approached from the multiple lenses of risk management, project management, program management with an eye to program quality, safety, any potential conflicts of interest and fiscal responsibility. The planning, organization and execution of major Scouting events includes many stakeholders, and these stakeholders must work together to result in a successful event . Planning a Low-Risk Event? Visit the Low-Risk Event Page for the Guide and Application process for Low-Risk events. 

The Event Management Playbook is broken down into five sections to help facilitate the management and required documentation needed throughout the life-cycle of the event planning process. These documents work in coordination with the Procedure and Flowchart – both of which define mandatory actions and decision gates. The primary purpose of all of these materials is to support Scouters and organizing committees to put on fun, safe, challenging, and memorable experiences for youth, while ensuring we maintain the high standards of the Scouts Canada brand, reputation and program quality promise we make to youth and parents as members of Scouts Canada. 


How to use the Events Management Playbook and materials?

The “playbook” is more a table of contents of guidelines, materials and hyperlinks to related procedures and further guidelines to help Event Management Teams both get started and navigate the requirements of the Event Standard and associated Procedure. It includes examples of documents used outside of Scouting and, with time, will include examples of event materials used within Scouting as they’re developed and collected for sharing. Materials are organized by stage to align with the Events Management Procedure Flowchart.

Thank you for taking a lead or support role to deliver outstanding quality safe and fun experiences for our youth. Thank you for your commitment to safety and risk management which will make these experiences memorable for years to come.

IMPORTANT: While the documents are considered good practice it is both expected and appreciated that they will be refined and updated through application. It is the intent of the Events Standard SMEs and Custodian (Governance Owner) to work with both a large scale Canadian event e.g. PJ or CJ and an International Contingent e.g. WJ, to refine the documents and make fit-for-purpose for other Scouts Canada users. The team is asked to work with the Events team and Standard Owner to collectively improve the documents for the benefit of others.