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Moonlight Shadow Tag

Have an Adventure in the moonlight! Use the light from the moon to play a game of shadow tag – you’re it!

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  • When is the next full moon? How can you find out?
  • What is the weather forecast? Will it be a clear night so you can see the moon?
  • What will you need to wear for this Adventure?
  • How will you mark the area where you will play the game?
  • How will you decide who is “it”?
  • How will you find a Scouter if you need help?
  • What other games of tag might be fun on your moonlight adventure?


  • Dress warmly and head out for your moonlight adventure
  • The person who is “it” needs to step on the shadow of another person to “tag” them and make that person “it.”
  • Keep playing until everyone has had a turn as “it” or you’re too tired to keep running!


Over hot chocolate, reflect on your Adventure:

  • What do you know now that you did not know before this Adventure?
  • How did you respect your friends while playing tag?
  • What surprised you, frustrated you or delighted you during the game?
  • What other games are fun to play outside on a night with a full moon? Have you ever played “Fox and Geese?”
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • If the moon isn’t bright enough to cast good shadows, play a game of flashlight tag. If you tag someone with the beam (light) of your flashlight, they’re it!

Take it Further