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YLT-Dynamic Duos

As a team, create an obstacle course that the other people in your Section can try. Move through the obstacle course in pairs while keeping a beach ball off the ground. Too easy? Every pair needs to move through the obstacle course while keeping a beach ball off the floor… without using their hands!

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  • Where will you set up your obstacle course? In your meeting area? Outside?  
  • What obstacles will you use?  
  • What stuff do you need for this adventure? Who will find it? 


  • Take turns trying the obstacle course in pairs, while trying to keep your beach ball off the ground without using your hands.  
  • If you make it through the course with one friend, try again with someone else. 
  • The key to this challenge will be for each pair to talk to one another while doing the obstacle course. That way, each pair can work as a good team. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How did you find this adventure?  
  • What did you and your partner do to be successful?  
  • What would you change next time? 

Keep it Simple

Start by going through the obstacle course by yourself without a ball so that you can try the different obstacles. If there are any that are difficult for you, practice them a few times before going through the course again with your partner and ball. 

Take it Further

Try going through the course with your partner while holding different things, like a softball or a giant beachball. Which was the hardest to do? Which was the easiest?