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COVID-19 Updates — September 23, 2022 Update: Explore Scouts Canada’s actions as we continue to follow the direction of government and health agencies in maintaining public health. View recommendations and stay informed here.


Scouts Canada recognizes the significant contributions Volunteers and Scouters make in guiding youth as they pursue their personal progression through the Canadian Path program.  Our Scouters form a partnership with youth motivating them to discover their independence and capability through an engaged Scouting experience. 

It is due to the hard work of our Scouters that we see Scouts Canada’s Vision of Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world come to fruition. Every year Scouters across the nation go above and beyond to ensure youth have great, safe adventures, while also developing into confident, capable individuals.

There are many ways to acknowledge the contribution of a Scouts Canada member:

  • Instant reactions
  • Informal Awards
  • Council Specific Awards
  • Outstanding Service Awards
  • Nomination Based Awards
  • Years of Service

Recognition is inherently personal, and Commissioners are in the best position to judge what form of recognition will have the biggest impact for their Volunteers.

The Commissioners Handbook for Recognition (PDF) contains the most current information on Scouts Canada’s recognition process.  The tabs below provide specific information, including links to nomination pages or contact information.


Spring Award Mailing

The National Recognition Network is begining its Spring Award Mailing to review all Scouters for Medals for Outstanding Service Awards, Adjudicated awards and Medals of the Maple.

The award packages will be mailed in April 2022 for distribution to Group Commissioners. Group Commissioners can organize meaningful presentations as Canada resumes in-person gatherings.  These presentations should occur prior to August 2022.

Please connect with your Council Recognition Administrator for details specific to your Council.

Please Note exceptions below

First Commendations with Flash were not included in the Award Blitz, due to the additional time their processing would add to the delivery of the awards noted above. Members receiving First Commendation with Flash may receive a PDF of the Commendation Letter along with a PDF of the Certificate of Commendation.

Years of Service Pins may be purchased through the Scout Shop.

Annual Updates

Based on feedback from councils, commissioners and members at large, the NRN has made significant changes in 2019-2020.

Such as,

  • Scouts Canada generated nation-wide commendation(s) will no longer be issued.
  • The NRN is reaching out regularly to key individuals to ensure that appropriate awards are prepared. The NRN will not be providing mass medals at one time.
  • Providing more information to further involve the Council Key 3 in the recognition process
  • Youth who are both a participant and a Volunteer will be considered for Medal of the Maple before Medal of Good Service
  • Adjudication teams composed of Active members from across the country, now review all nominations for Medal of the Maples, Medals for Fortitude, Medals of Gallantry, and Medals for Meritorious Conduct to ensure consistency across the country.

Completed awards 2020 - 2021

  • 8, 973 Commendations
  • Outstanding Service Medals
    • Medal for Good Service --> 328
    • Bar to the Medal for Good Service --> 767
    • Medal for Merit --> 257
    • Bar to the Medal for Merit --> 119
  • 135 Silver Acorn & Bar to the Silver Acorn
  • Long Service Pins
    • 5 year - 45 year pins -  recognized by group
    • 24 50 year pins
    • 11 55 year pins
    • 5 60 year pins
    • 5 65 year pins
    • 2 70 year pins
  • 46 Medals of Valour, Fortitude and Meritorious Conduct
  • 93 Medals of the Maple
  • 7 Silver Fox - For Scouters in other National Scouting Organizations (not Scouts Canada)

Completed awards 2019 - 2020

  • 17,023 Commendations
  • 577 Outstanding Service Medals
  • 971 Long Service Pins
  • 50 Medals of Valour, Fortitude and Meritorious Conduct
  • 59 Medals of the Maple


Not sure on which council you belong to? Check out the regional map.



There are a couple of positions currently vacant on the National Recognition Network. If you would be interested in joining this team, please contact


Western Councils / Conseils Ouest


Council / Conseil

Name / Nom


Fraser Valley

Vacant please contact

Pacific Coast

Vacant please contact


Sean Munro


Graham Rice

Northern Lights


please contact


Shirley Larson

Central Councils





Robert Prentice

Central Escarpment

Albert Fuchigami

Greater Toronto

Nathan Yiu


Peter Champagne

Northern Ontario

Joy Cummings

Shining Waters

Peck Yap


Joel Desrosiers

Eastern Councils / Conseils Est

Council / Conseil

Name / Nom


Quebec / Québec

Victor Knowlton


Alan Clapp

New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick

Kerri Daamen

Newfoundland & Labrador / Terre-Neuve-Labrador

Lawson Dickson

Nova Scotia / Nouvelle-Écosse

Gwendolyn Mosher

Prince Edward Island / Île-du-Prince-Édouard

Gwendolyn Mosher

White Pine

Ute Sack


National Support

Council / Conseil

Name / Nom


Team Lead / Chef d'équipe Jennifer Squires

Co-Team Lead / Co-Chef d'équipe

Sean Munro

Youth Team Lead / Chef d'équipe jeunesse

Rita-Marie Bechard

Medal of the Maple Team Lead

Médaille du chef d'équipe de l'érable

Kaitlyn Patterson

Fortitude & Gallantry Awards

Récompenses de courage et de bravoure

Fortitude Nomination Form

Gallantry Nomination Form

Years of Service / Annees au Scoutisme

Brad Farmer

Support Scouter / Aide du Scout

Jane M Johnston

Support Scouter / Aide du Scout

Stewart Giem

Support Scouter / Aide du Scout Ross Benton

General Recognition Inquires

Demandes de reconnaissance générales


Thank a Scouter

Saying Thanks to a Scouts Canada volunteer for their outstanding contributions to Scouting is this easy:

  • Any stakeholder to Scouting (volunteers, youth, parents, the community at large) can fill out a simple form to commend a Scouter and Staff for their outstanding act or service to Scouting.
  • Scouters will receive a certificate the first time they are commended by a stakeholder and it will be presented within the Scouter’s section or group. Following Commendations will be provided via email. All Commendations are recorded in a Scouters MyScouts Recognition profile.
  • As Scouters accumulate commendations, they will become eligible for Outstanding Service Awards and will be recognized with a medal and uniform insignia for each award.

Thank a Scouter Today

  • Years of Service Certificates
  • Thanking Scouters along their volunteering journey is one way to show them our appreciation. Each year that a Volunteer spends with Scouts Canada positively impacts the youth in Sections and Groups of the organization. Years of Service Recognition celebrates the achievement of a Scouter’s years of service in Scouting with two initial milestones: 5 years of service and 10 years of service (Long Service Medal). Subsequently, each fifth anniversary is acknowledged with a certificate.

    Certificates for 5 years through 100 years of service, in 5 year intervals, are available for Commissioners to print and present. At 10 years of service Scouts Canada provides a Long Service Award. After 50 years of service Scouts Canada provides a letter from the National Key 3 along with the years of service pin. These service pins are available for sale on Years of service are added to MyScouts each September. Copies of the certificates in French are available on the translated version of this page.

    After volunteering with Scouts Canada for three consecutive years, a Scouter may receive credit for registered years of service with other World Organization of Scouting Member organizations or the Girl Guides of Canada or World Organization of Girl Guides or Girl Scouts. Please note this service is not served concurrently.

    Please note: the certificates and pins are no longer supplied by the Scouting Support office.

  • Outstanding Service Awards
  • Outstanding Service Awards [OSA] recognize Volunteers and Staff for above-average commitment. OSA range from a Certificate of Commendation to the Bar to the Silver Acorn.

    Most OSA are based upon commendations received through or the Thanks Button for an individual’s contribution to Scouting. The citation within the commendations are the building blocks on which the awards are determined.

    Any stakeholder to Scouting (members, parents, sponsors, or the general public) may submit a citation for a remarkable act or service.

    Scouts Canada Certificate of Commendation

    Certificate of Commendation

    For service to Scouting. It is used for highlighting a significant contribution and is stored in the member’s MyScouts profile.

    Scouts Canada The Medal for Good Service

    The Medal for Good Service

    Awarded for significant contributions to the section, possibly the group or wider Scouting community.

    Scouts Canada Bar to The Medal for Good Service

    Bar to The Medal for Good Service

    For continued significant contributions and equivalent to earning a second Medal for Good Service.

    Scouts Canada The Medal of Merit

    The Medal of Merit

    For especially good service within their section, group, and wider Scouting community.

    Scouts Canada Bar to The Medal of Merit

    Bar to The Medal of Merit

    For continued especially good service and equivalent to earning a second Medal of Merit.

    Scouts Canada The Silver Acorn

    The Silver Acorn

    For especially distinguished service that extends beyond the group or section level.

    Scouts Canada Bar to The Silver Acorn

    Bar to The Silver Acorn

    For continued contributions of especially distinguished service and equivalent to earning a second Silver Acorn.

  • Nomination-based Awards
  • Scouts Canada has a series of Nomination Based Awards. These awards are based on unique, and exceptional circumstances and require a narrative description of what has occurred. The nomination provides the National Adjudication Committee [NAC] confidential details of the actions to all the committee to make the correct recommendation. National adjudication ensures nation-wide consistency of these awards.

    Nomination-Based Awards for Youth

    The Medal of the Maple

    To honour YOUTH who contribute to the Scouting Movement and the spirit of Scouting through community service, extraordinary Scouting participation, and a solid system of personal values.

    The Jack Cornwell Decoration

    Awarded to a YOUTH member based on exceptionally high character, devotion to duty, and specific acts of physical courage; or must have heroically undergone great suffering.

    Nomination-Based Awards available for any Member

    Any member of Scouts Canada is eligible for the following awards. Members of a Section which acted as part of a team may also be eligible for an award.

    The Award for Fortitude

    For a member who carries on to the best of their ability with their duties and/or activities in Scouting despite being challenged in some respect as a result of a physical and/or mental condition or disease and continue to contribute to the movement.


    The Certificate for Meritorious Conduct

    Is bestowed for conduct worthy of recorded commendation, but which does not justify a medal.

    The Medal for Meritorious Conduct

    Is bestowed for especially distinguished conduct not involving heroism or risk of life.

    The Certificate for Gallantry

    Is bestowed for gallantry with slight risk worthy of commendation.

    The Bronze Cross

    Is bestowed for gallantry with moderate risk.

    The Silver Cross

    Is bestowed for gallantry with considerable risk.

    The Gold Cross

    Is bestowed for gallantry with special heroism and extraordinary risk.

  • Council Specific Awards
  • Several Councils manage unique awards. These awards are encouraged as they provide a way to celebrate council-specific impact that may be otherwise overlooked. Each award has a specific nomination and adjudication process. Please contact your Council Recongition Administrator for further information.

    Voyageur Council Youth Award

    For exceptional service to Scouting in Voyageur Council by a Youth member above the normal program requirements.

    Order of the Caribou

    Open to all members

    For service to Scouting in Voyageur Council from a Youth or Adult member, by accepting additional challenges, in addition to a regular Scouting role, associated with organizing and coordinating major activities for Scouting.

    Bar to the Order of the Caribou

    Open to all members

    For continued service to Scouting in Voyageur Council from a Youth or Adult member, by accepting additional challenges, in addition to a regular Scouting role, associated with organizing and coordinating major activities for Scouting.

    Voyageur Council Legacy Award

    Open to all members

    For significant service to Scouting in Voyageur Council and its predecessors through a lifetime of continuous service, dedication, quality of leadership, and willingness to help young people develop into self-reliant and responsible adults.

    Order of the Silver Key

    Youth Leadership Award

    For distinguished youth service. It honours those youth who have significantly contributed to the Movement and the spirit of Scouting through their dedication to their Area, Group, and community.

    Greater Toronto Council’s Honorary Member

    Chinook Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award

    For Scouters

    For extraordinary Scouters who have deeply influenced and significantly contributed through a lifetime of continuous service to others, while illustrating and reinforcing the values found in the Scout Promise and Scout Law

  • Top Section Awards
  • Youth in each section can pursue the Scout’s Award by completing Personal Progression within their section; leading or contributing to projects of personal significance that have an impact in the community, and by attaining the specified number of Outdoor Adventure Skills stages.

    The Top Section Awards are an opportunity for youth in each Section to attain a meaningful accomplishment that is widely recognized and understood.  There are four components to the Top Section Awards.  They are common to all Sections, but are increasingly challenging according to each age group.

    For more help on how to add the award to a youth’s myScout profile, check out the support article.

    Scouts Canada The North Star Award

    The North Star Award

    Beaver Scouts

    The North Star Award is the highest award for a Canadian Beaver can attain in Scouting.

    Scouts Canada The Seeonee Award

    The Seeonee Award

    Cub Scouts

    The Seeonee Award is the highest award for a Canadian Cub can attain in Scouting.

    Scouts Canada Chief Scout’s Award

    Chief Scout’s Award


    The Chief Scout’s Award is the highest award for a Canadian Scout can attain in Scouting.

    More information on the history of this award can be found on our wiki page.

    Scouts Canada Queen's Venturer Award

    Queen's Venturer Award

    Venturer Scouts

    The award is presented to Venturer Scouts who have acquired competence and skills that will be of considerable use to themselves, their company, and their community. These Venturer Scouts will have been recognized by their company, their Scouter, and Scouts Canada as being worthy of receiving the Award.

    More information on the history of this award can be found on our wiki page.


    Scouts Canada Canadian Rover Scout Award

    Canadian Rover Scout Award

    Rover Scouts

    The Canadian Rover Scout Award is the highest award for a Canadian Rover can attain in Scouting.

  • Sponsor Recognition
  • Acknowledging the partnership between the Sponsor / Partner and Scout Group can be expressed in many ways. These certificates provided are one way to show appreciation for a working relationship.

  • Insignia Placement
  • Placement of Scouts Canada’s awards onto your uniform can be found using the links below to pdf guides. Information on the wearing of Scouts Canada’s awards is well documented, check out the tip sheet tab for our guide.